How To Remove My Facebook Profile Search From Google Index


How do I remove my Facebook profile search from engines like Google?

I don’t want anybody using any kind of search engines to find me.


Step 1

1.  Log in to Facebook.

Step 2

2. On the top right side of page. Locate and click the Down arrow shape and click it.

remove your Facebook profile from google to start find

Step 3

3. Scroll or look down, click “Settings” from the Drop down list.

Set Facebook Privacy profile block google search Index settings

Step 4

4. Click “Privacy” on the left side of the page.

Step 5

5. Look for the options next to “Who can look me up?” and find “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile”.  Click the “Edit” button on the right.


remove Facebook profile from google search by finding the privacy setting


Step 6

6. Uncheck the “Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile” and confirm the warning message.


remove your Facebook profile from google search privacy



From this screen you can also control other Facebook privacy settings.

Why Should I Set Facebook Privacy Settings?

You may want to hide yourself from search engines like Google from finding your Facebook profile if your concerned about who might be searching for you.  The default settings on your Facebook account do not give you any privacy.  In fact they do the exact opposite.  It’s a show and you’re the star!

It’s bleeping show time!

Who Is Looking At My Facebook Profile?

Many times a job might try to gather Intel on their prospective hire, or even monitor you at your current job.

People often complain that they may have a stalker.  If you just met someone they might go directly to Google or another search engine and start typing away with your name.

Maybe you have a business and someone is trying to find out more about the origins.  Gathering emails and origins from any place possible.  Finding this information can include your Facebook profile search result.

Identity theft.  Did your throw out a piece of mail?  Who knows what kind of creeps are out there?  They’ve got a piece of your mail now.  So its clear they have your name and address.  Now they’re going to the internet and plugging it in the search engines!