Chi Smart Titanium Ceramic Digital Hair Styling Iron

CHI Smart Titanium Ceramic Digital Hair styling Iron with its sophisticated curved edge plates and anti-slip balanced design, heats up quickly and evenly, allowing for a multitude of glamorous styles.

CHI Smart Features

Straighten, smooth, flip, curl and wave while creating volume and movement. This tool combines Titanium plates with Ceramic Heat Technology to help seal the cuticle and repel humidity while locking in vital moisture. The scratch resistant Titanium Plates provide superior glide and even heat for optimum performance. The ceramic heating element produces the utmost in negative ions which leaves your hair soft and silky. Hair is left damage free and a super shine.


CHI Smart Ceramic Digital Hair Styling Iron

  • 1in Titanium Plates: Titanium plates that are durable and creates shine and smoothness.
  • Curved Floating Plates: Offers a superior glide and eliminates snagging for better results.
  • 2 Button Digital Temperature Control(+,-): Offers simple adjustable temperature settings reaching a maximum of 410F
  • Auto Shut Off: Iron turns off after 1 hour of non-use
  • Dual Voltage: Can be use internationally
  • 9 ft Swivel Cord
  • Temperature Locking Feature
  • 1 Year Warranty


Chi Titanium Plates

Titanium is an actual chemical element (symbol: Ti) that manufacturers use as a top coat over the styling plate. Heat styling tools made of titanium are extremely powerful. They heat up fast, and their high heat is often enough to tame the unruliest of tresses with one pass.


People with “stubborn,” difficult-to-style hair appreciate the effectiveness of this material.  Chi Titanium Ceramic Digital Hair styling Iron heats up in 5 minutes up to 410F. Also, it has superior heat transfer feature which distributes heat evenly and you can be sure that you get the best result. The user can control the temperature of the tool by pressing two Button Digital Temperature Control (+,-) that offers simple adjustable temperature settings between 160F-410F


Locking feature

Hold down the “power button” until lock image appears, this locks your preferred temperature setting and help you to avoid turning the iron off or accidentally changing the temperature setting during usage.

Automatic shutoff

A flat iron with automatic shutoff can be a godsend for those who feel particularly scattered or stressed in the morning. If you get to work or school and suddenly remember that you forgot to turn off your CHI smart Flat Iron, you do not need to stress about it all day: this appliance shuts itself off after 1 hour.


All in all, key features of the product are following:

  • Titanium Plates: scratch resistance surface
  • Ceramic heater: less frizz, more shine
  • Superior glide: no snagging or pulling
  • Superior heat transfer: even heat distribution
  • Performance: voluminous styles
  • Digital: temperature control
  • Locking feature: continuous styling
  • Auto shut off: safety

Even this appliance features Rapid Infrared Ray heating from Ceramic heater and uses Titanium Coated Plates to protect the condition of the hair, I use CHI 44 Iron Guard thermal protection spray to provide superior heat protection for my hair. Also, for the better and long lasting result, we recommend CHI Helmet Head extra firm hair spray. It is an extra firm, fast drying hair spray and it does his work. The hair style last from day to night and smells great.

CHI Helmet Head extra firm hair spray

CHI Helmet Head extra firm hair spray – Amazon Link

CHI 44 Iron Guard thermal protection spray

CHI 44 Iron Guard thermal protection spray – Amazon Link


Chi Smart Titanium Ceramic Digital Hair Styling Iron – Amazon Link

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