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How many times have you entered a room and noticed how dark it is? That must have affected your mood negatively. On the other hand, you know that feeling when you are in a beautifully designed and bright room and can’t help to be positive?

The above two examples are a great illustration of the importance of lighting in a room. Allow us to present you an infographic that nicely explains why having the right light in your home is crucial:

Now, let’s analyze the different types of lighting that you should consider. We hope that they can inspire you to find a beautiful and healthy solution for your home.

Circulation Pathway Lighting

We are beginning with the so-called circulation pathway lights. The purpose of these solutions is to illuminate your path around the home regardless of where you are going. In homes with multiple stories, you need to consider illuminating the stairs.

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You have several different solutions, such as the wall lights in the picture, as well as cove lighting or getting creative with hanging lights. Whichever way you choose, the important thing is to achieve optimal illumination.

By clearly seeing where you are going, you reduce the chances of tripping or falling and injuring yourself. So, it is not only about wellness, but also physical health.

Make sure to inspect your home for any pathway areas that aren’t properly illuminated. It is not uncommon that the ambient lights do not reach all corners of the house. We suggest investing in additional lights so that you can ensure that pathways around the home are visible. Aside from boosting functionality, circulation path lights can boost the aesthetics of your property and place focus on stairs, walls, or other desired areas you want to accent.

Bathroom Lighting

When you wake up, the chances are you head to the bathroom first. During the day, you visit this room on at least several occasions. That is why it is essential to feel pleasant while you are inside. It is how you can boost the effects of the rejuvenating products you use.

On top of that, optimal illumination will optimize your appearance because it will help to apply makeup and other cosmetic products without making any mistakes in the process. You will never risk going out with too much lipstick or something like that.

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You can choose different types of lighting for your bathroom. Here are some tips that we can share:

  • Never put bulbs or fixtures right above the vanity as that will cause shadows on cheeks, eyes, and chin. Instead, put them on the sides of the mirror, especially if you are using it to apply makeup or groom.
  • Add a touch of elegance with a recessed fixture mounted above the shower.
  • Consider using dimmers because you can control the light any way you see fit.
  • The bathroom is an area where you often use water. Make sure to hire a professional and meet all the safety regulations.

Task Lighting

Let’s move on to the choice of lights that illuminates a working area. That can be an actual office environment, a home office space when you have tasks to complete, and even a kitchen workspace where you prepare meals or in a garage while Repair a Garage Door or any of your Favourite Vehicle.

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You can find many studies that wall luminance can affect subjective alertness. The same is true for any light in the room. As long as the area is well-illuminated, your concentration and focus will benefit. It will provide the necessary boost to finish the tasks you have at hand efficiently.

However, the crucial thing to ensure is that your working space has enough light. Think about the tasks that you most commonly handle in your office. If you read a lot, a table lamp can be a great choice to illuminate books and other reading materials.

On top of that, you will preserve your sight and reduce the risk of an eye-strain. It is only logical – your eyes are under less stress if you provide optimal illumination.

Entrance/Exit Lighting

When it comes to the safety of household members, you could say that picking the right outdoor lighting for your property has numerous advantages. If you have a big yard, you need to see the way to the entrance gate. You can also use accent light solutions for areas like outdoor ceiling lights  pools, stairs, or any other yard areas where there is a danger of tripping or falling.

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Additionally, outdoor lights protect your home against burglary and vandalism. If you are looking for an energy efficient solution that will be eco-friendly and save you some money, a wise option could be motion sensor lights. These only activate when there is movement nearby, but can protect you from trespassing.

Apart from keeping you and your home secure, outdoor hanging lights will improve the curb appeal of your property. That is the first thing that those who pass by notice, and it is a great way to impress guests from the start.

Lighting with a View

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When we say lighting with a view, we are talking about illumination with a purpose. These solutions are often present in public places, such as cafes and restaurants. Property owners place lights in line with the window. That way your view is complete as the light perfectly fits into your line of sight.

There is no reason why you wouldn’t use this idea when lighting your home. The easiest option to implement this is in rooms where you have large windows. You already have a view, and you only need to find a complimentary light. You want an option that aesthetically boosts the room appearance, but also allows you to enjoy the view, especially in the evening. The breathtaking views can instantly make you feel better and have a positive psychological effect.


As you can see, choosing the proper light for your home is essential to boost its aesthetic value and functionality, as well as promote your wellbeing. Make sure to check out some amazing lighting solutions and find the best option for your home today.

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