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***NOTE : Please Read the Guest Post Guidelines Section.

Why Should I Guest Post?

There are many great reasons to participate in Guest Posting.  The reason will very from person to person and business to business.  Here are some common reason why you may choose to create unique content for us or another website that you find interesting.

  • Become an Author
  • Build Your Business Brand
  • Drive Traffic
  • Backlinks

Become an Author – Make your Mark.  Build a brand or a name for yourself.  Becoming an experienced well known author can lead to endless possibilities. Get your name out there.  Guest posting is a great way to put something credible on your resume!

Build Your Business Brand – Open yourself up to new markets.  Create exposure from a different group of readers that may be interested in what your blog or website has to offer.  Getting your article published in different audiences means channeling every possibility that exists.  Its like handing out flyers on the internet.

Drive Traffic – Creating unique and long form content can get your post ranked for SEO and spill over in to visits for your site.  Aside from traffic, creating a longer post will build you a stronger link which will drive even more traffic!

Backlinks – Link building is the art of creating links to your website or blog and can reap tons of benefits.   Some of these benefits include the below as well as increases in Page Authority(PA) and Domain Authority (DA).

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What Types of Things can I Guest Post about?

We accept all types of Post submissions.  You should choose an area that you are most comfortable writing for us about.  If you can deliver value to our readers, then that is what is most important.

Some topic ideas include but are not limited to:


Write for us on topics around Health and Wellness. This includes healthy diets, mental health, illnesses, and exercise.  Share some information about the newest, latest and greatest health routine

Electronics & Technology

Build a list of some of the best products to recommend to readers, or promote a product.  Introduce a gadget or Electronic device.  Customers are constantly searching for electronics that make living just a little bit easier.  Whether it be computers, speakers, Bluetooth electronics, people are always looking to stay on top of the latest technology.

Careers & Money

Things related to work and finances.  If you want to write for us on these topics please make sure to keep the currencies strait with the audience you want to target.  If you’re not sure then use USD.

Pets & Pet Supplies

Anything related to pets.  If you like pets then you should definitely write for us.

Social Media & Entertainment

Whats the latest buzz.  Write for us something interesting about whats going on in social media.  Electrify the audiance with an article on entertainment or life.

How to’s

Basically instructions on how to set up electronic device, computer and software guides, health and fitness, trouble shooting, surfing the internet, just to name a few.

Guest Post Limits

These are by no means the limits, anything is possible.  If you have something different that you would like to write for us, pass along the idea. We are all ears.

Guest Post Guidelines

Post Types : Articles, News, Reviews, How to’s & Lists.

1. REQUIRED* Your post should be at least 1500+ words (How To’s MUST have steps Ex: step 1, step 2).

2. REQUIRED* Your post should be 100% original and not published anywhere else.

3. REQUIRED* One main image 800px by 445px. (will be placed before the content. is a great source for free images)


  • Include : Author Bio Picture
  • Include “Author Bio” or a sentence or two with your name and place you would like to link to (credits will be at the bottom or top of guest post).  If you choose not to have this the section will be omitted from your guest post.

4. Post should be comprised of short paragraph chunks, headings, bullets, and numbering where suitable.

5. You may include up to 3 links of your own and up to 4 links for referenced sites or other materials that will help the reader (7 links total).

6. Please add images and attribution if not free for reuse.  Break up paragraph chunks with images(body images: any size. Remember to attach an extra set).

  • Main image 800 px by 445 px *Required
  • Body images 770 px x 400 px

7. Post should be free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

8. Pitch your idea along with title  (If you’re looking for SEO optimization please include your Keywords).

9. Submit with the form below the Terms & FAQ with subject “BW Guest Post

**NOTE: Please submit your titles.


a. Post maybe subject to edits as routine maintenance or for readability (Your opinions and links remain intact).

b. You grant BleepingWorld exclusive online publishing rights for your post.

c. You cannot submit the post for republication anywhere else online while it remains at

d. You will not republish the post on your own blog or website while it remains at

e. Affiliate links will be taken over by Bleeping World. If writing a product review, product must be available in the US.


1. Question: Can I submit an article which has already been published on your site?

1. Answer: Yes, If you feel you can make an article better ,or do a better job creating a valuable article, or submit a more up to date piece of content.  We will edit, add, or replace an existing article.

2. Question: Can I submit an article without a Bio or Links?

2. Answer: Yes


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