How to Check My IP Address

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(IPV4) Your IP Address is:


How To Check My IP Address

If our page did not work for you, you can try some of the following links or type “Whats my IP Address” in to your search engine browser.


Refresh this page: How To Check My IP Address – Detects IPV4, Host Name, and User Agent. – Detects IPV4, Host Name, and Geographical Location. – Detects IPV6, Internet Service Provider(ISP), city, region, and country.

What is My IP Address Used For?

Your IP address is used to find your location or your computer.  The IP Address is a unique identifier tied to your router.

If you host any type of application from your computer you may need to allow other users to use this.  When you supply them with your IP address they will be able to communicate with your server or application.  This is often needed for businesses and people that want to provide services to others.

Example: Hosting A Minecraft Server.