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Yj Moyu 13x13x13 Puzzle Cube Smooth Twisty


Yj Moyu 13x13x13 Puzzle Cube Smooth Twisty Puzzle Black

If you thought your life couldn’t get anymore difficult, it can!  This crazy little puzzle cube will have you busy for the rest of your life.  Twist and turn to mix up the cube colors and then try to realign the pieces to form there original solid colored pattern.  If you think you can just un-stick all the colors and put them back, you can, but it would probably take you longer to do that then just solving the puzzle.  This is the perfect gift for that genius in the family.  It’s bound to have everyone feeling stupid in just seconds.  But hey this is no laughing matter.  This game is rated “R” for ridiculously tough. Are you tired of life? Then get yours today!  Are you up for the challenge?

From The Manufacturer:

First Mass produce 13x13x13 by Moyu, biggest high layers cube ever mass produce as of 2014 Difficulty:Medium Size: 5.3″x5.3″x5.3″ Very Smooth cube out of the box, high quality plastic Stickers: White/Yellow, Red/Orange, Green/Blue

Puzzle Cube Smooth Twisty Puzzle Black

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*Disclaimer:  Product may cause depression.  Best used in moderation.