How To Build Faster in Fortnite Battle Royale PC

Fortnite Battle Royale is a fast pace, highly intense game of shoot to kill and dodging bullets.  In this game, it is not enough to be able to aim precise body shots.  While it would greatly help your gameplay to have an eagle eye and steady hands, the building is a major factor in your Fortnite success.

In this tutorial, we will go over the not-so-friendly building controls on PC and then dive in deeper on how to optimize controls for building speed.


  • Fortnite Building Key Default Settings (Defaults)
  • Customize Fortnite Building Keys (Recommended)
  • How To Change Fortnite Hot Keys (Step by Step Tutorial)

Fortnite Building Key Default Settings

Keyboard keys:

Q – Tapping this key will bring up the build menu.  You start out with walls and can scroll or use the function keys to choose different building structures.  Tapping “Q” again will close the building menu.

F1, F2, F3, F4 – These keys allow you to cycle through your various building structures.  Such as walls, floors, stairs, and roofs.

F5 – Will place a trap.

Right Mouse Button – When in the build menu this button will allow you to choose different building materials.  Keep clicking the right mouse button until you land on the desired material.

G – This key is used to edit your building structures.  Once you have placed a structure such as a wall you can press “G” to enter edit and then click the pieces you want to hollow out. Pressing “G” again will confirm the edit.

R – Press this key to rotate a structure.

Fortnite Fast Building Keys

As you may have noticed after playing the game a few times the keys are not exactly placed in friendly locations.  Unless you’re a basketball superstar the “F” keys are probably a stretch for you.

For faster building in Fortnite, you are going to want to change the hotkey layout in your game settings.  First, we will give your our recommended key sets and then show you how to set them up.

Recommended Keyboard Combination 1

Wall: Q

Floor Platform: X

Stair Ramp: E (change pickup and open item to F)

Recommended Keyboard Combination 2

Wall: Z

Floor Platform: X

Stair Ramp: C

How To Change Fortnite Hot Keys

Step 1

1. Log in to Fortnite (or download and install)

Step 2

2. Run the Epic games shortcut and launch. Select Fortnite Battle Royale

Step 3

3. Click the 3 bar menu icon in the top right and then the gear icon.


Step 4

4. Click the icon with the up, down, left, right arrow keys.


Step 5

5. Scroll down until you see the words, Wall, Floor, and Stairs.  Click into each of the boxes on the left and when presented with press any key…  Press down on the new key.  Repeat these steps until you have finished.


Step 6

6. Press the back button in the bottom right (Don’t worry, it will save your hotkeys).


Step 7

7. Done.

No one combination will be right for everyone.  Experiment with different setups that are easy for you to reach.  If you have a gaming mouse or a mouse with some extra back and forward buttons you may want to give them a try.


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