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So you have been playing a few games of League of Legends and want to get better?  Maybe you have been playing a lot of games and want to get better.  Either way you’re in the right place.  We all want to get better.  So just how do we do that?  Well, a few League of Legends tips from us might not hurt.

LOL Guide Overview

We have put together an LOL tips list that include some of the most important factors for determining game play. These League of Legends tips consist of:

  • Maximizing hardware
  • In Game best practices

The combination of these two LOL guide strategies will help you become the best LOL player.  Maximizing hardware will give you an instant advantage before even entering the LOL game.  Do you think the best LOL players are using a normal mouse and keyboard.  Definitely not!  They are using upgraded PC components that are communicating with the LOL game servers much faster then the occasional LOL player.

The second section of the LOL tips for playing better focuses on LOL guide in game practices and techniques.

League of Legends Tips List:

Tip 1

1. Wired Mouse

I want to get hardware out of the way first because good hardware will make you better in all thing online game related, not just LOL. If you already have great gear then skip ahead.  If you don’t, here are some of the game advantages of having better hardware.

You want to find yourself a good mouse. Preferable a gaming mouse.  Gaming mice tend to have better optical sensors and tracking then a normal desk mouse.  They also give you the ability to adjust DPI Levels.  I find that setting a lower DPI Resolution on my mouse make it easier to control.  Play around with a few settings and find out what you’re most comfortable with.

Wireless or Wired Mouse?  It’s a good idea to get a wired mouse. Wired mice have a hard line connection to the computer.  This means that you have almost 0 chance of a click not being registered.  The second reason you want a wired mouse is because the’re faster.  There is a latency between the time you click the mouse to the time the computer registers it.  And wired mouse clicks get registered much quicker.  Wireless technology is catching up but we’re still going wired.

Tip 2

2. Wired Mechanical Keyboard

Get a wired mechanical keyboard. Why?  Because mechanical keyboards have individual switches for each key.  This mean more accurate key presses.  Membrane keyboards will not give you full roll over on all keys.  If you don’t know what this mean, basically,  membrane boards are limited to about 6 keys at a time that can be recorded almost simultaneously.  Mechanical keyboards can register all of the keys at the same time.  Now that’s a lot of keys!

The second reason to get a mechanical keyboard is consistency.  Whenever you swap out or buy a new keyboard there not usually the same.  That means getting use to some new wacky curved layout and different feeling buttons.  Mechanical keyboards are always the same, no matter what brand it is.  The keys are always the same size with the same amount of actuation force.

These are League of Legends tips that will make you better at other games as well.

Tip 3

3. Cold hands

Do not play with cold hands.  I know this sounds like a joke.  When we heard this at first it didn’t make sense, but then we thought about it.  Yes, cold hands does make all your reaction times slower.  You need to warm them up first.  Yes, stick them down your pants.

League of Legends Tips and also good for other online games.

Tip 4

4. Last Hit Minions

Last hitting minions is one of the very basics or smart playing.  You want to learn how to last hit because last hitting will earn you more gold.  When you earn more gold before your opponents’ you will be able to buy better items then them before them.  You will stay steps ahead and more powerful by having more items then the opponents.  This is an edge and advantage.

Last hitting is not easy, and even harder when you’re trying to harass and keep pressure while laning. But others are doing it and you need to learn how.

NOTE: This takes a lot of practice but it is one of the best League of Legends tips.

You will have to gauge how low a minions health is versus your current attack damage.  The minion needs to have low enough health that you can one hit the remaining health.  When under your own turret you need to watch which minion the turret is striking.  If the minion is full health then you have to wait until the turret strikes the minion twice before attempting to last hit it.  Unless of course you have enough attack damage built up to last hit it.

League of Legends Tips to Play Better Last Hit 770

Tip 5

5. Don’t Die

Going full force into a battle is usually the most fun.  Unfortunately it’s not always the smartest thing to do.  When you die two things happen.

First you lose out on the minions’ exp and minion experience that you would have received while being alive.  This means you ultimately get out leveled by the enemy champion.  When your level is below your opponents they have an advantage and you’re much easier to kill.

Second, you just gave your opponent more experience from your champion’s death.  Do this enough times and not only will you have a tough time killing him but so will the rest of your team.  This is what’s known as feeding.  Feed your opponent enough times and they will be able to take on your whole team at once.

Pick good spots to go in to a battle.  It is worse for you to die then it is for you to just get your kill count up slowly.  Say your 20/20/0, you may have 20 kills, but those 20 deaths you gave away may have made it impossible for any of your teammates to kill anyone on the enemy team.  You need to kill more times then you die.  For example: 2/1/0 is better than the above.  Sure, you’re not as strong.  But you only gave away 1 death which means when your teammates face opponents, enemy champions will be lower level then if you gave away 20 kills.

League of Legends Tips to Play Better dont die 770

Tip 6

6. Push Lane After Killing the Enemy Champions

This is especially important during the early laning phase.  Minions are the blood life of the early game.  If you’re not getting experience from minions you’re going to be weak.  We all like weak opponents.  This is how you weaken them even more.

If you happen to get a kill on the enemy champion in a lane.  Push up the lane to the turret.  You don’t have to hit the turret. Just make sure you bring your minions under that turret.  You want the turret to destroy your minions before the enemy champion respawns and gets back up to the lane.  Having the turret destroy your minions means the opponent misses all those experience points while being dead and running back to the lane.

If you’re a jungler, yes, help out with the task.  That means they can go heal quicker after your gank.

League of Legends Tips to Play Better push up lanes770

Tip 7

7. LOL Champion Match Ups

This one is a little hard to do because there are so many LOL champions now a days.  But knowing what abilities your opponent has are very helpful, as well as knowing what there cool down is.  If you know that your opponent has a stun or slow you know just how close you can get.  If you noticed that the opponent has just thrown out 2 skills, it’s a perfect time to go in for the kill.  Those skills are probably on cool down and if they aren’t then you know what you got to try to dodge.

Besides noticing if your LOL opponent is on a cool down or just used a skill.  If you know your LOL opponents champion, you know how there stun or slow works.  Some LOL champions take 2 seconds after a skill is activated, or some throw down a dagger and you have to wait for a second dagger.  EXAMPLE: Xin Zhoa has to strike you 2 times first. His third hit is a stun.

*Some of the best League of Legends tips involve knowing the LOL Game inside and out

Tip 8

8. Place Down Wards

Place down your wards as soon as you get them.  This helps with vision.  The more wards you place the better the vision you and your teammates will have.  This is especially important for easy kills and better potential for inviting a teammate into a gank.  It will also give you vision which may save you from being ganked.  If you’re not familiar with map awareness in League of Legends we cover that in the next tip.

In these League of Legends tips, I’m not saying you have to buy wards.  But at least use the free ones and use them all!  It does make a difference.

League of Legends Tips to Play Better ward brush 770

Tip 9

9. Map Awareness

The mini map is defaulted to the lower right corner of the screen.  If you’re not familiar with this then its time to learn.  You need to be checking this almost all of the time.  If you can use one eye to lane and the other eye to keep on the mini map then that is perfect!

Keeping an eye on the mini map in LOL is crucial.  You will frequently see players poping in and out of the jungle.  Sometimes you will see a battle taking place in another lane.  This is a missed opportunity to get an easy kill or sometimes a lost chance to help a teammate if your laner has rotated over to mid for a gank.

Whatever the case it will make you a better player to keep count of the people you can see, know where the jungler is, and figure out just how many enemy champions might be hiding in a bush getting ready to gank you.

League of Legends Tips to Play Better minimap 770

*The best League of legends tips help you calculate uneven match ups.  This is how to get your kills, out numbering, stronger 1 v 1, and harassing.

Tip 10

10. Do Not Talk

League of Legends tips are not all about making you a better player.  Some are about making your team play better.  After all these are LOL team match ups.

We’re not saying don’t talk at all.  But if you have something negative to say or that your teammate could confuse as negative, wait till after the game to say it.

I have seen countless games where my team is winning and all the sudden someone starts flaming another player and we lose.  Why does this happen?  It’s no mystery… as soon as you bash another player they stop playing as hard or intentionally start feeding the other team.  If you call someone a loser then you’re going to lose the game.  People stop caring about the current game when you start bashing them.

Best thing is to save your “you’re such a noob comments” till the end.  These little bashing matches actually throw your whole team off, and taking away there focus.

Keep your team in high spirits and they may just play better.  This should probably be League of Legends Tips #1.  But I think were all guilty of it.  It gets me pretty angry to hear “but why Xin… why.” If I’m under gold, I’m going to throw the game just cause I had to hear your mouth.

League of Legends Tips to Play Better why Xin why770

League of Legends Tips Post Game

Whenever you win a game make sure to add your teammates as friends and even the the enemy opponents who did well.  You have a much better chance at winning your next game if you create your own match and invite your friends you know won’t disconnect or rage quit.

Thank you for join us and taking the time to check out our list of League of Legends tips.  If you have an LOL tip of your own, feel free to share it in the comments below.

A special thanks to the League of Legends players who helped make these screenshots possible.

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