WordPress Is Not Sending Emails and Notifications

WordPress Wont Send Email:

wordpress is not sending emails to registered usersOur WordPress is not sending emails and notifications to me or my users. Below are some of the issues we encountered.

Example 1. Users registering would not receive there sign up email notice.
Example 2. Users trying to recover their password after not receiving the sign up email were brought to a 500 page
Example 3. I was not receiving email notices when a user had commented on a post.


Solution 1 :  We learned that some types of hosting do not support the PHP Mail() function. Mainly if you have windows type hosting with IIS servers. This can be confusing because your windows host provider or server may have PHP installed and allow you to install WordPress but some the PHP configurations may be quirky or not exist.

Solution 2 :  The PHP Mail() function may require PHP.ini file modification to allow mail.  If you don’t have access to this file then you may have to contact your hosting provider. If your have free hosting you may have to purchase a monthly subscription in order to utilize the mail server.

Solution 3 :  Some plugins might just be down right horribly written, complicated to configure, or just plan broken. Try a different plugin.

Solution 4 : If your looking for a PHP Mail script please try searching this website for “PHP Mail”.

If your WordPress is not sending emails and your problem or solution is not the same as ours, please contact us or leave a comment so that we can share other situations.