10 Natural Remedies for Depression

The cases of depression are enormous and rising every year.  It is said that only about 1/3rd of the hundreds of millions of people around the world are actively seeking treatments.  Which means if you’re part of that 2/3rds group, coming here is a great first step.  We hope by the end of these natural remedies for depression, you can take at least 1 away.

These are Natural Remedies.  If you were looking for drug related remedies, please visit: 15 Natural Antidepressants Over The Counter Drugs

Levels Of Depression

depression levels in various cases can range from mild to severe

Severe Depression (Level 1)

Can make you feel like not wanting to do any of your normal everyday activities.  Severe depression feels like that weight of the world has been dropped on you.  Many times you may want to burst into tears at the idea of getting out of bed in the morning.

Moderate Depression (Level 2)

Can make it more of a struggle to get out of bed and do things. You have more trouble doing chores or activities that you used to enjoy and have no trouble doing.

Mild Depression (Level 1)

You still get up and do everything but you don’t feel like doing it. Many people call this “The blues”. Dysthymia is when you feel sad more of the days of the year than you do happy. You feel sad no matter what time of year it is.

It is always hard to deal with life when you have depressed and sad feelings that make you not want to do anything. Yet, there are ways to elevate your mood which do not need a lot of effort. Natural remedies for depression can include lifestyle changes, or changes in diet.

Here are 10 natural and easy to install depression remedies.

Ready, Set, Go!

Natural Remedies For Depression

#1. Exercise

Aerobic exercises will increase blood flow to the brain and the rest of your body.  It will give you a good feeling called “runner’s high”, even if your exercise is not running. Aerobic exercise includes the treadmill, calisthenics, the elliptical, swimming or running. Strength training and cardio can also make your body feel good, which are natural remedies for depression.

Getting exercise can help depression and boost mood levels

#2. Get Outside

Getting outside and breathing fresh air gives you a natural good feeling. Most people’s houses have stale air in the winter because it gets trapped inside.  In the warmer weather, we open windows and screen doors to help circulate the air from outside. Many people stay inside in winter, because it seems too much trouble to put coat, gloves, and a hat on, to go out. But, it is worth the effort. Our bodies and minds are meant to thrive in nature’s garden.

#3. Meditate

Meditation can be a bath for the brain, or like recharging a battery. The effects of a good mediation session can last throughout the rest of the day. You’ll feel more energized and peaceful.

If you have trouble getting into a meditative state, there are You Tube Videos that guide you. Not only do they have verbal instructions but music and nature sounds. In the wintertime, it is healthy to relax and imagine that you are on a warm beach, listening to the water and feeling the sun. You can trick your brain into thinking you are there, then go back to your life refreshed and happier.

#4. Comfort Foods

Coffee, milk, cheese and pizza are comfort foods are natural remedies for depression. They make you feel good while you eat them and give you a good feeling afterwards. For health reasons, you should only eat them in moderation. You will still get the comfortable feeling with one piece of pizza as with three. Other comfort foods include lunch meats and bread.

#5. Chocolate

Chocolate gives you the romantic feeling of being in love. Thus, it is a popular Valentine’s gift. Dark chocolate has Omega -3 fatty acids that destroy free radicals that lead to illness. Eat this in moderation.

#6. Carrots

 Carrots may or may not improve your eyesight.  Yet they do help with depression, because the ingredients improve the secretion of chemicals in the brain that make you feel good.

#7. Leafy Greens

Lettuce, and anything from the cabbage family also contain chemicals that help the brain chemicals make you feel good. Because they are not only good for your heart and digestive health but they make you feel good.

Comfort foods are natural remedies for depression and include pizza

All carbohydrate rich foods boost the serotonin level in the brain. This includes spaghetti, pasta, nuts. Serotonin is the chemical that makes us feel good generally. Without serotonin, we could not do everyday things such as drive, read, take a bath because doing them would feel sad.

#8. Be in the Light

Light is a natural remedy for depression. Seasonal Effective Disorder is an illness where people feel depressed during the shorter days of the year. Usually from November to mid-February.  Light stimulates the Pineal Gland which is right above the nose. When it is not stimulated, some people get depressed. Light therapy has been effective and it helps if you get outside on the sunny days. Even if the days are short and cold.

Some people who get depressed on the short days can benefit by entertaining themselves. For example, if you feel depressed over no light you can listen to music, get a massage.

#9. Stay in contact with the outside world

Call people on the phone, or Skype and get out of the house to stay connected to the outside world. Going out at night can be part of your natural remedies for depression if you feel depressed at later times during the day.

Staying in contact can relieve symptoms of family depression

Belonging to an organization can give you the feeling of connection too. Maybe you could belong to a garden club, a civic club or you volunteer at a soup kitchen or after school program.

Television, the internet, and music can be people substitutes. I think one reason people watch the news is to further the connection to the world by knowing what is going on. Yet, it is better for depression to discuss it with people after you watch.

#10. Keep Plants in the House

Plants can give you the same sense of being one with nature as if you are outside. They are also good for the house environment as they circulate air. The green is not only good for your eyes, but it gives you the sensation that you are outside.

Like Antidepressants indoor plants are good for depression

More Natural Remedies for Depression

Some more natural remedies for depression are to take on a new challenges. It should be something you want to learn or master. For example, it could be a new sport, musical instrument, knitting, gardening. It should be not too easy or not too hard. If it is too easy you will feel bored, and if it is too hard you will get frustrated.

When you learn a skill that is challenging you feel so good doing it that you lose track of time and concentrate so you have no distractions. This state is flow, and it feels relaxed and happy. After you master the skill at one level you need to increase the difficulty but not too much. For example, you learn basic French. After you have learned words you learn whole sentences, grammar etc.

These are some natural remedies for depression that do not take much effort and are easy to put in place. If you have mild or moderate depression, these changes in lifestyle and eating habits may be all that you need to feel better.  Start with 1 or a couple! The more you do the better you will feel.

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