BACON shaped themed Adhesive Bandages [Qty 15]

Product Description:

BACON shaped themed Adhesive Bandages, 15 Die-Cut Sterile Strips

Do you like bacon?  Bacon lovers rejoice and we’re sure your cuts, scratches and scrapes will too!

If you have an ouch don’t settle for anything less then the incredible healing power of sweet, salty meat. These are low calorie and low sodium bandages, you will have no reason to be sad after applying one of these pre-cooked treats right along the pain.  If that’s not enough, the manufacturer is offering a FREE PRIZE! Each comes in a 3-3/4″ tall metal pocket tin and contains a small trinket to help make even the deepest of gashes feel better in no time. The 3″ x 1″ Bacon Strips are cut to look like small slabs of bacon. Fifteen per tin. While supplies last!

*Disclaimer: Maybe hazardous to small children and adults who try to eat these artificial bacon strips.

Bacon shaped and designed pattern looks like real bacon

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