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GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight


GlowBowl A-00452-01 Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

If your a frequent night goer and find funky smells lurking in the dark then you might be missing the toilet.  Peeing and pooping on the floor is no fun when you have to clean it up in the morning.  Fortunately there is a way to see in the dark,  see your toilet in the dark that is. The GlowBowl will fits any toilet with easy install in seconds. GlowBowl is motion activated so it easy to use and saves battery. No more slipping around in the dark trying to get next to your toilet bowl.  No more messy parties where everyone gets drunk and leaves you with the mess.  Now you can hold up your hair in style, take better drunk selfies with this ambiance of classy light coming from your toilet. Don’t get left out in the dark, hit your mark every time, the first time with the GlowBowl.

Glowing Toilet Bowl will light the way in the middle of the night

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