Why Does My Website Need SEO?

If you don’t have SEO then your missing out on tons of potential buyers.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of managing how visible a website is to search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others) through different techniques and strategies. It essentially means to optimize your web´s content in order to receive more traffic from non-paid search engine results.

There is a lot going on behind the curtains whenever you look up something on a search engine. It gathers all the information it can in the shortest amount of time, and processes it through complex algorithms in order to weight a website against others, and provide you with the most relevant results for your query.

SEO Positioning factors

There are thousands of factors involved in this process, and the search paradigm tend to shift with any changes on the engines used. There are, however, two of them that are of utmost importance:

  • Page Authority
  • Relevance

Page Authority

It basically means how popular a web is, rather than how valuable its information is. Search engines use Page Authority to rank their results because it is heavily based on user experience. The more a website is visited or shared, the most likely it is to be deemed useful by a search engine, and thus it ranks higher than others.


Relevance is a core based on how well the site matches your query. This is determined by a complex relation between on-site factors, and goes way beyond just the website spamming the words you searched.

As you may have noticed, the ranking of a website is determined by on-site and off-site factors. On-site factors range from keywords optimization to load times and URLs formatting, while Off-site factors are based on media exposure and visits.

Why is SEO Important?

A well optimized website is more useful to you and to your visitors, making it relevant to search engines. As sophisticated as they are, search engine can´t perceive websites the way we humans do. SEO helps search engines understand websites, and judge if they are relevant or not for the user.

Nowadays, SEO plays a major role in business and marketing. The better the positioning your website receives from a search engine, the most likely it is to spread your content or brand to others.

Clicks From Search Engines

On an average day, the first result on a search engine catches 22% of the clicks, and only 25% of the users go past the first page of search results. This means that the first website alone is getting 22% of all the views.

If you are a business owner, you should be aware of how important it is to plan the way you promote your business on the internet. SEO is the perfect way for your offer to reach targeted audiences, and an effective SEO marketing strategy can truly make a difference.

Potential Customers Become Buyers

No modern marketing campaign is complete without search engine optimization, since SEO is what allows your page to reach those looking for a product or service similar to what you offer. Content is important, but content alone won´t get you visitors. A well optimized website potentially translate into customers.