7 Best Wine Aerators | Better Tasting Red or White

The Best Wine Aerators make better tasting red and white wines.

For many, getting the perfect taste from a red wine is an art. For a long time people would decant their red wine in a separate glass container.  Waiting hours on end to bring out those luxurious flavors.

Now, with the help of some of the best wine aerators you can have that delicious red or white wine in a matter of seconds.

The invention of the best wine aerators has opened up a new world to the community of wine enthusiasts.  This marvelous little tool allows more oxygen into your red wine delivering the flavor you seek immediately.

You are probably wondering if it really works. Could it be true, perfect wine in seconds?  The truth is that they don’t all work.  That why we have created this review.  A search for the best wine aerators that actually work.

Best Wine Aerators List

1. Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator

Best Wine Aerators for Taste Vinturi v1010 770h


2,427 Customer Reviews | Rating 8.6​

The handheld Vinturi V1010 has a patented design that separates the wine as you pour mixing in air simultaneously to deliver that perfect glass of red wine every time.

It works by building up pressure as you pour, and the pressure is used to draw in air to mix with the red wine.

This Wine Aerator is used by holding the device in one hand over your glass and then pouring the wine into the Aerator.  The included stainless steel mesh cup helps catch wine sediments and promotes the mix of oxygen.

2. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

Best Wine Aerators for Taste Zazzol 770m


1,264 Customer Reviews | Rating 9.4​

The Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter works in multiple stages to provide more oxygen mixing with red wine.  You start by pouring on top of the cone which is channeled through 32 holes.   Just before the wine leaves the aerator it is injected with another shot of air.

To use, hold the aerator over your glass and pour directly in to the aerator.  In the center is a separation umbrella which you want to aim for to maximize the oxygen infusion.

3. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer ( Most Reviewed )

Best Wine Aerators for Taste Vintorio 770m


2,451 Customer Reviews |  Rating 8.6​

This unit features three air holes that draw in oxygen as you’re pouring your wine.  The separation plate inside spreads the wine over a chamber of air.

The best part of the Vintorio Wine Aerator is you don’t need a place to set down you aerator after pouring because it stays attached to the bottle of red or white wine.  The spout tip is perfectly shaped to eliminate drips after pouring.

This wine aerator attaches directly to the bottle with the help of the rubber gasket.  Simply attach the spout securely into the wine bottle and you’re ready to pour that fine glass of red wine.


4. Soiree home – In Bottle Wine Aerator

Best Wine Aerators for Taste soiree home 770


329 Customer Reviews | Rating 9.2​

Made from hand blown glass, making this one of the most stylish pieces in its class.  It is sure to excite your guests.

The Soiree Home Wine Aerator is safe for washing in a dishwasher and features thick and durable glass.

To use, place the rubber gasket end with 5 ribbed rings into the red or white wine bottle.  Gently pour to experience better tasting wine in seconds.


5. Aervana Original ( Best Electric Wine Aerator )

Best Wine Aerators for Taste Aervana 770m


518 Customer Reviews | Rating 9.0​

The instant aerator with batteries included!  The Aervana Original delivers real power.  It combines more air at higher speeds then almost any other aerator on the market.

One of the only red and white wine aerators that creates a vacuum seal, allowing you to keep your wine fresh without having to replace the cork.

Easy to use and easy to operate.  First install the included batteries, then attach Aervana Original to your bottle, and finally push down on the button.  One set of batteries will last for over 200 bottles of wine.

6. Metrokane Rabbit Swish Wine Aerator 6150

Best Wine Aerators for Taste Metrokane Rabbit Swish 770m


67 Customer Reviews | Rating 9.2

Nothing to hold and less accidental spills.  The stainless steel mesh screen included will catch and contain wine sediment.

The Metrokane Rabbit Swish Wine Aerator 6150 sits neatly on top of a wine glass.  Despite its simple design, this aerator combines oxygen in two steps.  One by way of spouting and then more aeration takes place as the wine dribbles down the inside of the wine glass.

Gently pour your favorite red or white wine into the cup and watch it aerate out of the 8 spouts.

7. Rabbit Wine Aerator and Pourer

Best Wine Aerators for Taste Rabbit 770m


410 Customer Reviews | Rating 9.2​

The Rabbit Wine Aerator allows you to pour directly from the bottle.  Styled with polished stainless steel accents.

As you pour the wine will swirl around the inside of the chamber mixing just the right amount of oxygen.

To use, take out the cork from your cheap bottle of wine and insert the aerator’s gasket into the mouth of the bottle.  Gently pour red and white wines.

8. Vinluxe PRO ( Best Wine Aerators )

Best Wine Aerators for Taste Vinluxe Pro770m


1,135 Customer Reviews | Rating: 9.4​

This is a top rated aerator and our choice for best of the Best Wine Aerators.  Works way faster than using a decanter.

The Vinluxe Pro is a 3 stage wine aerating system.  The first stage separates the red or white wine that is channeled into 32 holes, and finally swirls with more air just before leaving the wine aerator.

Hold the unit over your wine glass and pour into the center of the aerator.



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