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Can You Imagine Party Roulette (Gun)


Can You Imagine Party Roulette

This is a version of Russian Roulette except without bullets.  Enjoy the harmless version of the Russian Roulette game.  It may Can You Imagine Party Roulettehave you slightly deaf afterwards but you will live to tell the tale.  Avoid those pesky warrants out for your arrest and load up the gun with a balloon that you place in the front.  Once your locked and loaded, simple point the gun at the other persons head.  Pull on the trigger and see what happens!  There is a small chance that a pin will pop the balloon.  The gun has 6 chambers with one chamber containing the pin.  Continue taking turns firing the gun until the balloon pops! If you’re left holding the gun with the other persons ear ringing then congratulations you have won the game.  Jazz up the game a bit by putting non lethal substances on or in the balloon.  This is a great party game for all types of events, such as Birthdays, slumber parties, drinking games, weddings, meetings, and baby showers.  Add to the fun with a little bit of screaming!

Blow up balloons with your gun and pop them

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