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Gift of Nothing [Batteries Not Included]

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Gift of Nothing

Nothing is better than fresh pizza, electronic gadgets and cards filled with cash. Nothing is better than an romantic movie nights and popcorn. Nothing will thrill your heart more than that expensive pair of shoes. The Gift of Nothing comes with no assembly, no directions, and batteries are not included. It is the gift of Absolutely Nothing. This is the newly designed high tech nothing. They say less is more, we say more nothing for less. It will only cost you a little something to feel like nothing. When you open this package be aware, nothing will jump out at you, and nothing will happen to you. Allow nothing to calm your mind and body, and feel nothing again. Enjoy something for Nothing.  Right now Nothing is on sale!  Get yours today and want for nothing. Think Nothing, Nothing is the key to success!

Jar of nothing gift is a gag joke

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