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OppoSuits Men’s Commando Party Costume Suit


OppoSuits Men’s Commando Party Costume Suit

Are you ready for the next world war?  Well, maybe not but you can be ready to take on the town.  The newly designed command suit with matching tie is made from high quality fabric and comes in all traditional men’s suit sizes.  You may have thought command camouflage was only good for blending in but this stylish, cool suit will surely raise an eyebrow.  After all that time in the gym its finally time to start packing some heat.  Button up or let it all hang out, your a war hero, so get ready to flip the script and serve it up.  Salute with friends and hit the decks, commando style!

Opposuits Commando Party Costume Is Great For Any Event

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*Disclaimer : This suit is meant for recreational use.  See manufacturer for more details.