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Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game


Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game

Working long days can be tiring, and when you get home you’re bothered by the kids.  Of course the wife is being lovely like she always is, but you would still like your alone time. If your a golf lover but have a hard time finding a chance to get away and practice your putt, why not just visit the bathroom?  Sure there’s nothing but magazines and candles in there, but not anymore! Stay up on your game and work out the kinks in your putting game this new Potty Putter Putting Mat. It’s a true innovation and each trip to the bathroom will make you stronger.  No no, not that, put down the magazines and focus on your game! Get one for every restroom in the house. Finally, you can fine your peace an work on your stroke without the magazines. The Bathroom is the last place people tend to invade your privacy, its time to put it to better use!

potty putter for the bathroom will improve your golf game

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