First Date Fouls: Avoid 3 Strikes and Win The Dating Game!

So, she agreed to a first date? Great! Then let’s get busy.

First Date Tips

Haircut, Check!  Clean shirt, Check!  Something witty memorized, Check! Breath mints, Check!

Looks like you’re all ready, slugger.  Time to get out the door and impress that first date.  It may be all fun and games online, but these are the big leagues, and it’s time to get a plan.  You’ve worked hard to get to this point.  It’s game time.

Here are three rules you don’t want to break if you’re looking for a winning game this dating season.  Whether you’re a rookie or an all-star, these basic rules will at least give you a good running start.  The rest is up to you!

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First Date Rule One:

Show up

Sounds pretty obvious, right?  Hear me out on this one. Nothing sends a message of disinterest louder than showing up late, hassled, or not at all.  A great idea is to confirm with your date the time and place to meet.  Maybe give her a call right before your about to leave? Yea! Good idea.  Map it out, and plan ahead for heavy traffic, acts of nature, pesky bosses, or anything unplanned that might slow you down.

If by some freak chance you can’t make it at the scheduled time, call her! Don’t text.  Let your date know that you’re absolutely bummed and reschedule a make-up date immediately.   Tell her you will make it up to her, and mean it!  This lets her know that yes, you really ARE disappointed and that you’re trustworthy, morally conscientious, and definitely worth a reschedule.

Relationships and Date Tips for being late dont text

First Date Rule Two:

Put it up

Your phone, that is.  You’re not so important that you can’t give her your undivided attention for an hour over coffee.  Make a show of pulling your phone out and turning it off.  By vocalizing that you’re unavailable to anyone but her, you let her know that you are invested in the evening, and she will certainly remember the way this made her feel.  Valuable.

Even the worst date deserves the common decency of a device-free conversation.  If you absolutely must know the latest score, check your social media, or text your mama telling her how great it’s going, at least wait till your date is away from the table, and for cripes sake, make it quick!  Better yet, get your mama’s first date tips beforehand.

First Date Tips for giving attention to grandma

First Date Rule Three:

Suck it up

Whether it’s a lousy steak, a slow waiter, cold coffee, or obnoxious diners next to you, a first date is your one chance to make your most winning impression.  Your best course of action is to just smile and nod.  Let it go.  We women have read the handbook.  We know that a man who mistreats the server is not a man we want to spend time with.  Be aware that we are watching you for patience, kindness, and how well you handle aggravation.  First dates are not the time for negativity, you will have plenty of time to commiserate about first-world problems like lame restaurant service on future dates.

First Date Tips for acting interested Even If Your Not

Dating PlayBook

Of course, this is just a pre-game rundown on the most basic rules and first date tips for not striking out before you have a chance to get in there and really impress her.  Showing up, being present, and giving her your time and attention, while showing you are a man of integrity proves you are someone worth a second date and beyond.

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