Why Is My Guppy Fish Swimming Vertically [Cure]

Is your Guppy Fish Swimming Vertically?

Fish Swimming Problem:

Today I saw that my guppy fish was swimming vertically. Guppy fish swimming vertically?  It seemed pretty strange at first.  It also looked as if he was struggling a little bit to stay afloat.  I started thinking that it was just some kind of fluke or oddness that would only last a day or for a short while.  I continued to look over at him and then started to get concerned.  So I decided to get some answers.


Guppy fish swimming vertically is abnormal behavior


Guppies swimming vertically is a common symptom of over eating. The fish has developed a bladder disease.  Veterinarians advised that this condition could result in death, and if he is going to live that I should stop feeding it for a few days and try to clean up the gravel of any excess food as well as try some of the remedies listed below.


1. Clean Excess food  – The Gravel may look clean but its usually not.  Excess food falls to the gravel and hides between the rocks.  It’s very fine and hard to see but just to test, try stirring up some of the gravel.  If you notice a little bit of cloudiness arise then rest assure there is lots more, and you don’t want your fish to continue snacking on that.  Aquarium gravel Vacuum (all tank size)

2. Add Clean Water & Conditioner – Adding clean water is a little bit different then cleaning the gravel.  As you might know when changing your fishes water you should only change a little bit at a time to avoid killing them with chlorine but to help remove some of the other chemical imbalances.  You want to give your fish the best chance at healing from this disease.  Clean water will make it easier for your fish to recover.  If you have water conditioner you will be able to change larger portions of water at a time.  API Tap Water Conditioner, 16-Ounce

3. Raise Temperature  – Turn up the temperature of the water to 82 degrees. Slightly adjusting or turning up the water temperature can help your fish recover. Doing this will speed up the fishes digestion process.   Aquatop Aquarium Glass Submersible Heater, 300-Watt

4. Add Aquarium Salt – Add a small amount of aquarium salt (1 tsp per 5 gal).  This will help your guppy swimming vertical and reduce stress on the fish.  Aquarium Salt 16oz

5. Try Malafix – Add a medicine called Malafix. This is a popular and widely used remedy. It is recommended that you apply this everyday for one week to treat fish infections. The product helps against bacteria, cuts, and damage to fins.  API Pondcare Melafix Antibacterial Fish Remedy, 16-Ounce

6. Feed it Peas – Try feeding fish frozen peas as a laxative.

7. Stop Feeding –  For the next 3-4 days or only feed fish tiny amounts. If you have a hard food then try to soften it up first. Soak it.

As your fish heals it should begin to normalize from guppy swimming vertical to horizontal.

Future Prevention

1. Submersible Water Filter – It can be difficult to figure out just how much you should be feeding your guppy and how much is too much. submersible filters are great because they are more powerful.  You can lay them under the rocks which is the best spot because once the food hits the bottom of the aquarium, its not stuck there forever.  Fully Submersible Water Filter

2. Aquarium Test – This enables you to test your guppy aquarium for harsh chemical imbalances.  Testing your guppies water once in a while can help prevent any diseases and skin damage that may creep up.  A guppy swimming vertical is just one of the problems you could end up with.  Aquarium Water Test Kit

Helpful Products

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Image by Mark Turner


*Disclaimer* your fish has a very small chance of survival even with treatment.  The remedies above were gathered from various resources and are in no way guaranteed to succeed. BleepingWorld.com nor any other third parties will be held responsible for loss of pet/s.


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