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How To Hide Desktop Icons On Computer Screen


How do I hide desktop icons on my computer screen? (Windows Operating System Tutorial)


This how to tutorial is for windows operating systems

Step 1

1. Right click anywhere on an empty part of your desktop screen or laptop.

Step 2

2.  Left click on “View”

How To Hide Desktop Icons On Computer Screen or laptop

Step 3

3.Look to the right and find “Show desktop icons” check or uncheck by left clicking on the line

Right Click Show Desktop Icons On Computer Screen

Once unchecking or clicking “Show desktop icons” your icons and shortcuts should now be hidden from view.

How To Unhide Desktop Icons

Step 1

1.  Repeat the process above to unhide icons from your desktop screen.  Just remember to look for the check mark or that your icons are either visible or invisible.

How To unHide Desktop Icons On Computer Screen

Why Would You Want To Do This?

There may be quite a few reason you might want to hide desktop icons.  We have listed a few of the reasons below.

1. Increased Privacy

What you keep on your computer might be considered private.  The icons on you desktop might be visible to those passing by.  Someone noticing your icons might form their own opinions about what you do with your time.  Maybe they have already Googled you, who knows what they might have found.  In the end you may have only had that icon for one time use.

2. Making Videos for YouTube or Sharing on Other Platforms

Many people are sharing videos for personal or business use. Having your desktop icons in the video can be seen as unsightly and distracting to the end user.  The sole purpose of your video is not for them to study your desktop.

3. Making Online Tutorials or Guides for Business Purposes

Guides and tutorials go best with a set of screenshots on what you’re actually doing.  Steps with pictures and circles around pieces for engagement.  Again, if you want a clean look free of distractions, you will want to hide your desktop icons.

4. Sharing Your Computer With Others

People jumping on your computer love to click around.  Maybe you don’t want them messing with all of your icons and going to random sites you have bookmarked for your personal use.

If you are on a different operating system and would like to see this done, let us know.