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Jumbl Bluetooth 4 Hands-Free Calling & A2DP Audio

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Jumbl Bluetooth 4 Hands-Free Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter/Receiver

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Jumbl Bluetooth 4

*Go From Wired To Wireless

Bluetooth 4 Headset Conversion

Jumbl Bluetooth 4 Hands-Free Calling adapter turns wired headphones into a wireless head set

The Jumbl Bluetooth 4 is an adapter for converting a wired headset or headphones into the latest wireless technology.  Great for both calls and media streaming.

The best part is your headphones don’t need to start with a mic.  The Jumbl Bluetooth has one built in.

Don’t Throw Out Your Headphone’s

There’s a lot of new technology out there.  If you have a great pair of headphones and don’t want to buy a new set to connect via Bluetooth to your phone or other devices, then you’ve ended up in the same place as me.  Searching for an inexpensive solution to taking your expensive headphones to the next level.

Bluetooth 3.0 Vs Bluetooth 4.0

If your not familiar with Bluetooth technology then you many not know what the 4.0 stands for.  Its not a version number from Jumbl.  It pertains to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology which is a newer version of Bluetooth.  One of the main points is that Bluetooth 4.0 utilizes wireless technology in a way that consumes less power.  This means that you get more battery life because the energy drain is lower.  The other major upgrade in Bluetooth 4.0 is the ability to connect to multiple devices without having to disconnect and reconnect to each device individually.

Jumbl Plug & Pair

The Jumbl Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter/Receiver is simple little device that you can plug your headphones or headset into and vwalla!! You have a wireless headset!!! Ok, so its not quite that simple.  You do have to pair this Jumbl Bluetooth 4 with your mobile device, but that’s required for any Bluetooth device.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for Jumbl Bluetooth pairing instructions.

Jumbl Bluetooth Battery Life

It comes with a 9 hour battery life which is better than most headphones with wireless Bluetooth built in. Especially for the size category of this unit.  We’ve test and reviewed some other wireless headphones at around this price point and most seem to die after about 3 or 4 hours of use.  Which isn’t bad but if I forget to charge them one day then I’m without a set of headphones. 

Forgetting to Charge

With this Jumbl Bluetooth, if I forget to charge its no big deal because I can still plug my wired headphones directly into my mobile device.  In my opinion this is better then having a pair of wireless headphones.  Some other great features are it’s echo/noise cancelling microphone, multiple device connection, and large easy to use controls on a slim device.

Don’t throw away your old headphones!! Update them now!  This also makes a great gift for those hard to shop for people.

Got a Gadget girl or guy and can never think of good gifts?

The Jumble Bluetooth is a handsfree device that is easy to pair

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We hope you enjoyed our review, pairing instructions are down below.

Jumbl Specifications:

  • Converts Wired Headphones into Wireless
  • Bluetooth 4.0: Allows Multiple Simultaneous Devices to be connected
  • Microphone: Echo & Noise Cancelling (Titanium Drivers)
  • Battery Life: 9+ Hours
  • Micro USB: For Charging (Cable Included)
  • Big Buttons: Common Controls, Easy to push.
  • Range: 33 feet
  • Frequency: 2.4 ghz
  • Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Clip: Belt and Pocket
  • Dimensions: 2.6in x 2.2in x 1.3 in
  • Weight: 1.6 oz


How To Pair Jumbl Bluetooth Device:

If you need to pair a Jumble Device please follow the instructions below:

Step 1

1. Turn on your mobile device that you want to connect to for pairing.  Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

Step 2

2. From off, hold down the circular button in the middle to turn on your Jumbl device. Continue to hold down until the red and blue lights are flashing.

Step 3

3. The Jumbl device should now be visible on your mobile device for pairing.  Tap the device name on your phone or tablet. Device might not be listed as Jumbl but as a mix of 5 letters and numbers.

Step 4

4. Your device should now be connected and the Jumbl device should flash blue once in a while.

Jumbl8482; Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter/Receiver – Black