Life Hacks and Solutions to Problems at Home

We are frequently buying new products to replace outdated or old broken ones. What if there was a simple solution that could save you some time and money.  If you’re wondering how to fix things instead of spending hard earned dollars then this list of life hacks is for you.

This is a list of neat little tricks you can do at home!

There are many unplanned irritations on the road called life…  For example, maybe you bought your phone charger last month and its already halfway destroyed…then you accidentally dropped your phone in water…and you always, absolutely always smudge your nail-polish after just doing them, because they take forever to dry…. or maybe you can never find a place to put your phone down when its plugged in (besides the ground).

Your distress has been heard. Let us introduce you to an easier life.

Life Hacks List

1. Destroyed Charging Cables

Life Hacks and Solutions to Problems at Home charge cables 770

Make Your Charger Last Longer

Here is how to prevent this.

Take a spring from an old pen.


Then carefully wrap/wind it around the part of the charger that is likely to fray.

That’s it.

This little trick should keep your charger in one piece for almost forever.

This idea works because it prevents the cord from bending which means it gets no chances to break.

2. Dropped Phone in Water

Life Hacks and Solutions to Problems at Home wet phone 770

If your phone fell in water, don’t panic, it’s not dead.

If it’s off, don’t try turning it back on. Instead, put it in a bag or a bowl of uncooked rice. Because rice absorbs water, it will draw the water out. Keep it in the rice for three days, then take it out. It should be fine.

3. Pancake Lovers

Life Hacks and Solutions to Problems at Home pancakes 770

Everyone loves pancakes. But making them usually turns the kitchen into a complete mess.

So, here’s a way for you still get in on that perfect pancake-y goodness with minimal mess.

It’s simple.

Try pouring the pancake batter into an empty ketchup bottle.

This way, you can store left over mixture and have an easier time making pancake the next day, with little to no mess.

4. Nail Polish Drying

Life Hacks and Solutions to Problems at Home nail dry 770

Ok, so you saw that wonderful nail polish and you decided to buy it, because, well, you absolutely must have it. Then you put it on, and waited, and waited, and you are still waiting for it to dry….

Here’s a tip.

Try dipping your fingers in cool/cold water.

Yes. The water will react to the alcohol in the nail polish and it will dry almost instantly (10 to 30 seconds)

5. Charging Pouch

Life Hacks and Solutions to Problems at Home phone charger 770

Hey, you ever had that problem where you need to charge your phone, but there is nowhere to put it beside the plug, but you don’t want to put it on the ground?

Here’s a solution.

All you need is a lotion/shampoo bottle and a pair of scissor/ a razor blade, and you can make what’s shown in the picture.

Wrap Up

We hope you have enjoyed our little list of Life Hacks.  Please be sure to check back for some new hacks as the article is updated.  And if you have your own little life hack, feel free to share it with us in the comments below so that we can add it to the list!


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