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Samsung Galaxy S10e Review


The S10e sells for $749 for 6gb of ram and 128gb or storage. Samsung has made this phone is fairly small, but it still looks very nice and the display looks perfect. The entire back of the phone is glass. Now this glass is not very durable so you should definitely get a case. Also the S10e doesn’t have an on screen fingerprint scanner. The power button is on the side and is also the fingerprint scanner. The S10e is a lot more compact phone compared to the S10 and the S10+.


It only has three cameras two rear and one front facing camera. Its first rear camera is a 12 megapixel primary sensor. And it has another 16 megapixel sensor with an ultrawide lens, the ultrawide lens has a 123-degree field of view. The S10e camera is 2 megapixels more than the S9.


The battery of the S10e is to its limit. With a 3100mAh battery inside of the phone. That means the battery inside the S10e is 100mAh more than the S9 even though the S9 is a slightly bigger phone.


The S10e wirelessly charges the most fast of any other Samsung phone before the S10e. This is because Samsung’s new 12w system. But for these speeds you’ll need to pick up the $99. The S10e takes a USB type-c charger to charge it.

What’s in the box?

Well first obviously the phone, next there is a device to transfer your files from your old phone to you new shiny S10e. It also comes with a USB type-c.


The S10e has the new OneUI which makes everything easier to access. This new interface that Samsung has made for us is perfect. The new icons look good, also the drag down menu is new and improved. If you drag and then drag again all the options will pop up, instead of a line of options.


Well the S10e still is not perfection. First battery life, you can get an improved phone but the S10+ is the one thats gonna have the best battery life. Also a few months of having the phone i’ve noticed that the fingerprint reader is way to high. Since the fingerprint reader is also the power button this is really unfortunate.


It is water and dust resistant. I’ve had my phone totally covered in water (including the ports being wet.) And no harm has been done to my phone. Now with dust resistance in some phones dust will mess with your ports, but with the S10e the ports will be fine and you can charge away.


There are so many cool new features with the S10 but the best has to be wireless powershare. Wireless powershare is a feature to give power to a friends phone or one of your devices. You can use this yo charge your headphones if you don’t have anymore battery. Just swipe down and press wireless powershare, then put the other device on the back and it starts to charge. The S10 comes with a headphone jack, unlike the recent apple iPhone’s. There is also a microSD tray so you can expand the memory of the phone. I don’t think this would be necessary because all of the storage sizes are fairly large. There is also an edge tab on the right side of the phone and it’s an easier way to access favorite apps. The selfie camera in the top right is a hole punch as well. And last of all there’s Bixby the Samsung assistant Bixby has its own button right under the volume buttons. This button causes a lot of confusion, especially since no one uses Bixby.


In conclusion the S10 is fairly cheap for one of the newer smartphones on the market right now. For $749 it is a very solid phone, considering it also has 128gb of storage and 6gb of ram. It’s also a much better phone than the recent glass back Samsung’s. The S9 S8 and S7 all cracked very easily, the gorilla glass was not as sturdy as the glass on the S10. Well thats it for this review check out BleepingWorld for more!