Using Email Marketing To Fill In The Instagram Follower Void

The ideal way to gain more traffic to your site and thereby raise the chances of increasing sales and business revenue is to encourage your social media followers to visit it. This will prove to be the most rewarding and high yielding approach especially if you follow the traditional email marketing method till date.

Marketing, of and in any form, is just like a machine that has different parts but all these parts work together and as desired to reach the same goal. In most of the marketing departments, all these parts must ideally make up the whole. But just as it is said, it is what you need ideally. The reality however is completely different.

The reality is that there is hardly any unity and alignment in the different parts of most of the functions and processes of the marketing departments. They hardly support all the other pockets and areas of activity.

For example, take content. This is supposed to be the most time intensive responsibility for marketing.

  • Ideally, the content should be just like an overarching umbrella that will create a funnelinto different activities and purposes.
  • A single piece of any content must ideally be adaptable, flexible and have several functionalities. This will help you to use it for social media, blogs, email marketing, and even for integrating Instagram with email marketing.

In other words, the content should be dictating and dominating when it comes to all other arms of marketing when they are fleshed out. It must bring all the different pockets and areas together towards one funnel.

However, in reality the scenario is completely different. The content instead tends to say one thing on one specific platform and an entirely other thing on some other platform. The main reason for this is that the content is scattered all over the board. This creates a void of social media and Instagram followers which you need to fill up with proper integration and approach.

Using Email Marketing To Fill In The Instagram Follower Void 770

The social media

On the contrary, what is shared on the blog must always make it to the different social media platforms but unfortunately not all social media platforms are the same and hence the limitation.

First of all the content is not adapted to suit the requirement and style of each platform. That means what may work well in Facebook may not work in the same way on Instagram and what will work best on the Instagram platform will not work as effective on Twitter and make the cut.

However, looking at the content aspect, you must look at the most significant and largest organic content generator, the social media. In order to fill the social media follower void you will need to have a very significant and authoritative presence and be active on any platform of the social media including Instagram. If you do not then you will experience consequences such as:

  • Pulling from the engagement
  • Being unable to establish a dialogue with the users and
  • Missing out on a host of some major opportunities.

You will not be able to get more people from your email marketing list and make them convert into your new social media followers. However, if you have along and strong email marketing subscriber list this is predominantly important to have a loyal following in it. It will help you a lot if you try to form your social media accounts.

Bridging the gap

In order to fill the void of Instagram followers you will need to bridge the gap between two different channels. Most marketers think of and come up with a lot of ways to do that but it seems that the most under-utilized approach to bridge the gap between two channels is to integrate tour email campaign especially the newsletters with social media.

  • However, if you have a fully functional and ‘hot’ Instagram account you can choose some of the best and highest traffic posts and link these with your email marketing campaign.
  • If you have a dynamic Twitter or Facebook post you can also use it just as your Instagram account to generate aenthralling dialogue with your followers. Not only that, you can even summarize the conversation with a suitable headline and offer an invitation to others to join in the conversation as well.

The main point here is to tease or entice your email subscribers with proper and link-backed images of your product or chats that may be happening somewhere else. This will help you to funnel them successfully to all your social media platforms.

This way in fact, you can have your entire email marketing campaign each week dedicated to social media chat of the week exclusively. Ideally, when you consider social media it is good that you keep this activity as a weekly occurrence essentially. This is because:

  • The news cycle will change very rapidly meaning what may be hot topic today may be stale tomorrow
  • You will be able to stay updated with the news and cater to the changed interest of your followers in the following week
  • You will be highly flexible and adaptable even if you see that the social post is visually driven images from your Instagram account.

Therefore, the most significant point to remember while cultivating social media or Instagram followers from your email marketing campaigns is that you must not work on one specific pocket and ignore the other pockets. This is because all are significant parts of your entire email marketing campaign, just like the machine mentioned earlier.

Tips for starters

Finally, here are a few things that the starters should know. It is highly recommend that all startups focuson one complete email marketing campaign. They must ensure that:

  • It has a strong and compelling call to action for social media activity
  • It has a good designed
  • It is very clean and easy to understand and
  • It is well-organized.

Remember, both email marketing and social media are necessary for an all-round digital marketing strategy which is why you should integrate email and Instagram marketing strategy.

Filling the Social Media Follower Void

In the event that you have a functioning internet based life nearness on any stage — and you’re not pulling from the commitment and exchange there — you’re passing up some real chances. One of those open doors is getting more individuals from your email showcasing rundown to change over as new internet-based life devotees. This is especially significant on the off chance that you have a solid email promoting endorser list and a devoted after there — and are attempting to develop your web-based social networking accounts.

The most under-used approach to conquer any hindrance is to incorporate web-based life into your email battles, especially bulletins. On the off chance that you have a hot Instagram or Twitter account, take the absolute best high-traffic presents and connection on them in your battles. On the off chance that there was a dynamic Facebook post, the produced an arresting discourse with supporters, at that point abridge that with a feature and a challenge to join the discussion on Facebook. The fact is to prod your supporters with connected back pictures of the talks that are going on elsewhere so you can pipe them to your social stages.

Truth be told, you can have a whole email battle for each week devoted only to online networking jabber for the week. With regards to internet-based life, you need to keep this a week by week event in light of the fact that the news cycle changes so rapidly. What’s important or hot today, may not hold any importance with your adherents one week from now, regardless of whether that social post is outwardly determined pictures from Instagram.

Developing Social Media Followers from Email Campaigns

The fact of the matter isn’t to disregard one pocket while you’re working in another pocket.

First off, it’s very prescribed to focus one whole email battle is fixated on an invitation to take action for web-based life. It ought to be well-structured, spotless and sorted out, as you see with the two models.

The one above for JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores is an awesome case of how to concentrate on your specialty group of spectators. At the highest point of the email crusade, as you would likewise share at the highest point of a site, they list all the internet based life stages they’re on. They comprehend their statistic is ladies who are motivated to make and get cunning.

The best internet based life stage for that is Pinterest. If they somehow managed to concentrate on a second, perhaps it would be Facebook and afterward Instagram. JoAnn’s centered around Pinterest and matched it with a pinboard. There isn’t an exorbitant duplicate. The suggestion to take action is just the pins, which they rehashed in different visual depiction components all through the email crusade.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Instagram followers for more information.

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