39 Things To Do Indoors On A Rainy Day

It can be hard to think of things to do indoors.  We feel your pain. Rainy days can put a damper on your outdoor activities.   Maybe you had some awesome plans but now have to cancel due to the weather.  Now you’re left with coming up with ideas on how you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Fortunately, there are tons of fun things you can do indoors.  If you can’t seem to think of anything then here are some ideas to help you get started.  We have put together a list of fun and interesting activities.

Rainy Day Activities:

#1. Movie Theater – See the newest Thriller. You could also watch a movie at home for free!  Probably our most favorite because there is no walking involved.  Just relaxation and hot butter.

Delicious movie theater popcorn with extra butter

#2. Karaoke – Everyone loves this, but you might have to convince them first.  Fortunately its just rain. Now go pick up a bottle.

#3. Visit a Museum – Among things to do indoors is checking out some art and history.  Now might be a good opportunity to learn some interesting facts and events that took place in your neck of the woods.

#4. Shopping – Update your wardrobe.  It’s also never too early to start shopping for the holidays or that next big event.  Anyone’s birthday coming up?

#5. Card Games – Get a card game going. Texas Hold’em and potato chips.  Gin rummy and rum. Spades and shovels. Last one makes no sense, I know…

#6. Indoor Rock Climbing – Test your skills and get some exercise at the same time

Indoor rock climing on a rainy day can be fun and exercise

#7. See A Concert Show – Check out your area to see if there are any tickets available to your favorite band.  Or maybe someone is playing at your local bar.

#8. Get Lost – Take a drive and go exploring.  See something new or just get lost.

#9. Visit a Bar Arcade – Fun, games, food, and drinks all packed into one.

#10. Take The Bus – Or the subway train is a fun and inexpensive way to ride around.  Ride to the end of line and back.

#11. Go To The Library – why not get some new books.  Find out how people use to get there information.  Pick up some digital media and blow off that old CD player or VHS player.

#12. Go Ice skating – If the weather is cold enough there might be some ice rinks open.

#13. See A Stand Up – Maybe there not all funny, but is fun to see Comedians do comedy!

#14. Treat Your Body – Relax at the spa, maybe get your nails done.

#15. See Theater Play- Live shows include Musicals and Plays.  Definitely very fun and entertaining.  Great activity alone or with everyone you know.

Go to the theater and see a ballet show

#16. Get A Haircut – Are you long overdue?  If you have a job then maintaining your grooming is a great idea.  Professional appearance is actually quite important.  You should look like you’re knowledgeable and know what you’re doing.

#17. Entertain Guests – Have friends over for a beverage (tea, coffee, wine, beer). You could also have a little house party.

#18. Go Bowling – It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s always a judgement free zone.  Great activity even for small children.

#19. Go Play Some Pool – Are you a shark?  Then let them introduce the idea of betting, better to keep them unsuspecting.  Now you can devour them!

#20. Update Your Music – Listen to music or just updating your collection on your mobile device.  You could also just have a little dance session.

#21. Create Your Own Spa – Grab some oatmeal and salt. Use your imagination and then throw it in the bathtub.  Sooth and heal.

#22. Brew Some Potions – Mix up some drink, create something new.  Hey you might just be able to make some money selling the secret recipe.

#23. Get Your Vacation Planned – Internet surf some of the places you want to see next.  Booking early can usually get you a discount.  Do you Groupon?

#24. Play A Board Game – There are tons of games that you could play to fill up your day. Monopoly, Risk, or maybe a jigsaw puzzle.

#25. Dance In The Rain – Or trick one of your friends to do it, then take some pictures for Blackmail.  Provided it’s raining, snow angels may not work as well.

#26. Make Some Decorations – A rainy day will provide you with an opportunity to explore your creative sense. Decorations are always as a gift or to get you ready for the holidays.

#27. Cook Something – If you don’t cook this is even better.  Discover and experiment, cook or bake something wonderful and fill your belly.  This is our list of favorite things to do indoors.

#28. Exercise – An often overlooked activity to perform on a rainy day is exercise. Once your cookies have digested, perform some 15-minute exercises. You can find dozens of 15-minute exercise that you can perform on YouTube. Another exercise you can perform is yoga.

#29. Create A Fun Video – After creating the video, post it on YouTube. If your aim is to either educate or entertain through your video. Your aim can be accomplished.

#30. Compete To Win – A fun competition you can perform is the drinking competition. This can be in the form of a beer pong, flip cup, and throw of quarters.

#31. House Cleaning – Gather whatever it is you have not used in the last 6 months. You can either give this stuff out or do a garage sale to get rid of them. Of course, you can replace them if you wish.  Great, because its one of the things to do indoors that you have to do indoors.

#32. Learn Skills – Since no man is an island of knowledge, you can get on YouTube to learn. There are many how to tutorial.  Maybe learn something about a new hobby you were thinking about.  Or how to improve this or that.

#33. Go Memory Lane – The best example of this is to go through your partner’s high school yearbook and allow him to go through yours too.  Just goes to show that there is never any shortage of things to do indoors.

#34. Break In To Your Bookshelf – A fiction novel will do. This can be one of your favorite old classics or any other fiction work you have admired for a while.

#35. Go For A Swim – Find an indoor pool, maybe a public community center, or that at a gym with that fitness membership you never use.

#36. Write To Inspire – If you have the knack for writing, but you have not been able to create the time for your writing, you can use a rainy day to kick start your writing. You could also start your own blog.

#37. Pet Time – You can dedicate part of your rainy day having fun with your pet. One of such fun activities is to teach your pet new tricks.  Or just clean up there messes once and for all.

#38. Enjoy The Breeze – There is a nice feeling that comes with enjoying the breeze of the rain as it falls on the glass.

#39. Significant Other – Have your boyfriend or girlfriend over! wink Wink! wink..,. wink!

In conclusion, there’s never any reason to be bored on a rainy day with so many things to do indoors.  If you have something you’d like us to add to the list.  Contact US!

*Disclaimer: Some activities should only be attempted with caution.  Bleeping World is not responsible for any injuries due to negligence

To be added: Resturants, happy hour oysters.

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