Why You May Need Computer Glasses

Are your eyes constantly bothering you?

Do you use a computer at home or work?

Computer glasses are often categorized as gamer glasses but aren’t just for gamers.  They are targeted towards the same type of people, those who spend hours on end in front of monitors.  How do I know if I need computer glasses?  There are many reasons that you might want to think about picking up a pair of computer eye-wear.  If you’re concerned about your health then you will want to evaluate and ask yourself if your experiencing any of these common symptoms.

If You Work With Computers And Experience Any Of The Following:

Computer glasses can restore correct vision and stamina eye problems

1. Eye Strain

A condition of the eye associated with fatigue, pain, headaches, and blurred or double vision.

2. Blurred Vision

Everything just becomes unfocused for a moment,  you start to feel like your zoning out quite a bit, especially while reading text on the screen.

3. Eye Fatigue

Telling your self I just need to blink or close my eyes for a second.  Can lead to lack of productivity from too many breaks in concentration.

4. Headaches

You may not have any clue where the headache is coming from.  Which can also lead to the wrong diagnosis of other health related issues.

5. Neck Pain

Can be caused by straining your eyes to hard and sitting at funny angles at an attempt to refresh your eyes or concentrate way harder then should be required.

6. Back Pain

Commonly caused by hunching over to get a better view of the screen.  Your strained eyes make it hard to see.  This inherently makes you feel the need to get closer to the monitor.

7. Sensitivity To Light

Does everything seem to look too bright?  Commonly followed by a headache.

8. Red or Dry eyes

Acute glaucoma or pressure on the eyes.  Can also be caused by the way the air circulates in the room and bounces directly off eyes.

9. Dizziness

Starring at the monitor for a long time and then looking away.  Like getting up after sitting for a long time.

How Do Computer Glasses Work?

Anti-reflective coating – Computer screens have a glare that bounces off the screen.  It is recommended that you angle your monitors so that the light does not bounce directly back into your eyes.  The anti-reflective coating on computer glasses helps reduce this glare.

Tinted Amber Lenses – The colored tinting helps to increase the screen’s contrast making viewing monitors more comfortable on the eyes.  The color also helps filter out the blue light emitted from the screen that is harsh on eyes.  Some lenses are rated with the percentage of blue light they filter out.

Highly wrapped – Many of the discomforts of working on the computer for hours on end are due to a lack of moisture in the eyes.  The use of glasses can reduce the effects of dry air and eliminate exposure to dust.  Highly wrapped will help retain eye moisture.

Prescription (optional) – Most of today’s computer glasses have the added option of selecting a reading prescription.  You may have not known you’re farsighted.

This technology will promote better and more clear vision.  As a result you will find yourself straining less to see the screen.   This will allow you to sit in a comfortable position with less of a need to arch closer to the screen which can cause back and neck pain.

Popular Computer Glasses

Popular brands include Gunnar Opticks and Gamma Ray Optics.  Gunnar being the better quality but with a higher price tag.  Gamma Ray is a more affordable solution while still delivering quality.  The prices found on the internet are generally lower than those found on their respective sites and department stores.  Use the links below to find out more information:

Gunnar Optiks G0005-C001 SheaDog Full Rim Ergonomic Advanced Computer Glasses with Headset Compatibility and Amber Lens Tint, Onyx Frame FinishGunner Optiks Computer Glasses Can Cure EyesGunnar Optiks INT-00101 Intercept Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses with Amber Lens Tint, Onyx Frame Finish

Gammer Glasses by Gunner Optics In Larger SizeGAMMA RAY FLEXLITE GR004 Computer Readers Glasses in Shatterproof Memory Flex Frame Anti Harmful Glare, UV and Blue Rays

Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses are Affordable

GAMMA RAY FLEXLITE Ultra Light Flexible Rimless Computer Reading Glasses Anti Blue Ray Anti Glare and Scratch Resistant Lens Optional +1.00 to +3.00 Power

Free Eye Strain Remedy

Adjust your monitor’s brightness to a low enough level where you can still comfortably read the screen.  As soon as you lower the brightness your eyes should start feeling more relaxed.

Computer Vs Gamer Glasses

If you’re searching around the World Wide Web for computer glasses to find out what’s new, then try also searching for gamer glasses.  Gamer glasses are part of the family of protective eye wear for computer use.  The same technologies are utilized in the construction and functionality.  The names are used in different ways to help market the products.  But in the end their all for protecting your eyes from harmful rays of light coming from your computer monitor.  So, the basic concepts are the same.  Filtering out blue light and glare while making your monitor more comfortable to view.

Protective Glasses

Editors Choice: Gunnar/product/Vinyl