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How to start growing on YouTube

Maybe you want to share your gaming experience, maybe you want to pursue your dream of making music, or maybe you just want to help people with something they don’t know. Whatever it is you can probably do it on YouTube.

So now let’s get started on “How to start growing on YouTube”.

When you are making a YouTube video stick to one topic and don’t start talking about other things that the video is not about. You want to make a good title that will hook the viewer in and also relate to the topic. When you post a video you also want to have a thumbnail relating to the video there. A good thumbnail can help a lot.

When you get comments reply back to them. When your audience gives you feedback it can help you a lot. They can tell you what things they want to see on your channel. When you try out a new thing on your channel your audience can tell you if they enjoyed it and want more or if they didn’t enjoy it.

Use your other social media to spread the word of your channel. You can post things on Instagram with hashtags telling people to check out your YouTube channel. You can tweet about your channel and have conversations with other people about their channels. There are also some sites that you can use to promote your YouTube channel, for example there is a site called Sprizzly that you can use to do this.

There are so many different things you can make your videos about tutorials,games,music,technology, and much more. Tutorials are easy to make, and if you make it about something you think people will need to know it will probably get more views.

For gaming you can start a let’s play in a game you want to play, or you can make gaming videos in all types of different games. Starting a let’s play means you have to be devoted to it. You can’t just not post for months and then assume your viewers will keep watching your channel.

If you want to post something about music you can make beats. Or you can even post music tutorials like how to play certain songs, if you are good at that kind of thing. If you are a musician add links to videos where your viewers can buy your album.

A profile picture is important because it gives more character to your channel. A banner is also good because of that and, you can make a banner with your social media @’s. Try to talk to viewers on social media they can suggest what things they might want to see from your channel. You should accept feedback from viewers because it will help you.\

To get monetized you must have 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and they must have at least 1,000 subscribers. Once you get monetized you can start getting paychecks. It does take quite some time to be monetized, it can be 3-6 months until you get monetized. Every 1,000 ad views is 18 dollars, you will get paid this money through AdSense.

So these have been my tips to start growing and making YouTube videos on YouTube you can check out BleepingWorld to find more helpful articles like this one.