Stick It Up Your A** Donald Trump Pen Holder

The original copyrighted Donald Trump pen holder.

Multi-functional paper weight and pen holder.  Keep this on your desk and you’ll get a chance to stick your pen or pencil up Donald Trumps butt.  The more work you do the more enjoyment you shall receive.

Make america great again! Printed directly on the Donald Trump figurine hat.  Will also hold paint brushes and glasses.

Makes a great gift for Donald Trump haters, and an even better gift for Donald Trump lovers!


Donald Trump Holder Description

If you’re as amused by Trump as we are, we know you’ll love the Dump-a-Trump.

Designed it to be extremely high quality, realistic, and hilarious. This one of a kind product is sure to get a lot of attention and laughs from your friends and around the office.

  • Can hold lots of different objects. Includes a HUGE hole in the bum that easily holds pens, pencils, paint brushes, sunglasses, vape pens and more.
  • Makes a great paperweight. Weighing 1.5lbs and with a flat bottom base.  It’s perfect for keeping any document safely on your desk and away from public eye (for example a tax records)
  • The original, extremely high-quality and durable. Designed to look just like the Donald Trump. Each Dump-a-Trump is hand-crafted and hand-painted. Just read the reviews to hear how good it actually looks.

Buy it for yourself or send it to a friend or relative. The perfect way to prank your favorite republican.

What can you fit in Trump’s big hole?