How To Search YouTube User By Name

Searching for a topic or idea on YouTube is generally how most people search for videos.  After a while you may realize that it’s not the most effect way to find good videos.  You will get lots of results but not of the best quality and information, especially in the less popular areas.

If you stumble across some high quality, high content videos,  you have probably taken note of their channel name and noticed that all their videos have outstanding quality.


How Do I Search YouTube User By Name?


There are a two different ways to do this.  First is by using the URL bar at the top of your browser.  The second is by using the YouTube search box which is a little bit less reliable but great if you’re unsure of the exact spelling of the YouTube User


  • Find YouTube User by URL Bar Input
  • Find YouTube User by Search Box

URL Bar Input

Step 1

1. Open up

Step 2

2. Head to the top of the browser where the URL Address is located.  You should see the main domain as

How To Search Youtube User By Name

Step 3

3. Click in the URL search bar and type the following:*TheChannelName* No Stars and replace the “TheChannelName” text with your own.

How To Search Youtube User By Name

Step 4

4. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard or the Forward arrow to the right in your URL address bar.

Search Box Input

Step 1

1. Find the YouTube search box and type in the username which is the same as the channel name.

How To Search Youtube User By Name

Step 2

2. Press “Enter” on the keyboard or the magnification glass button icon.

How To Search Youtube User By Name

Done.  If you typed in an exact match to their YouTube channel name then you should see there channel displayed first in the list of results.

Making Money Online With YouTube

Search YouTube user: You have successfully completed a search and may notice that they have tons of videos.  As much as they might enjoy making videos to help others, they are most likely making a nice chunk of cash on the side.

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